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Society of Botanical Artists: Call to Artists

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Society of Botanical Artists

Plantae 2023

Exhibiting excellence in every botanical art form

The Society invites artists to submit their very best work to our open exhibition. Whether an artist working in watercolour, oils, gouache, graphite, colour pencil or pen and ink, a botanical illustrator, printmaker, ceramic artist, sculptor, jeweller or glass artist, we are seeking work with a strong exhibiting presence to be part of our show at the Mall Galleries. 

Our only criteria are that all work must: 

  • be predominantly of botanical content
  • be botanically accurate
  • be visually pleasing
  • have strong wall appeal
  • be work you are proud of
  • be original (all prints must be hand pulled and NOT giclee)

We regret we do not accept photography or other digital art forms. The maximum dimension we can accept is 120cm on the longest side.

Please do not submit work that has previously been exhibited at the Mall Galleries.

Full Details, Entry Terms & Conditions

Open for Entry

Entry Deadline: 04/03/2023, Midnight


Exhibition Location: UK

Exhibition Type: Gallery